LakeFest is coming!

Stop by my booth at LakeFest NEXT WEEKEND, October 5-6 in Pine Lake, GA. (Put Lakeshore Drive, 30072 into your GPS.) I will have free samples, an array of preserves from all this year’s canning adventures, my world-famous scones (well, Pine Lake-famous), a startling number of knit items (headbands, scarves, bags), bath bombs in an array of color/scent combinations, and morning bagels for the early birds. I will be located near the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Pine Drive all weekend, Saturday 10-6 and Sunday noon-5.

New this year: To celebrate the second wonderful dog we’ve adopted from Gordon County Animal Shelter, my daughter will be selling homemade dog biscuits, all proceeds to go to Gordon County Animal Shelter.

I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (through my Square Reader).

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Marmalade Photos!

Would you like a free jar of this year’s delicious marmalade? I posted several photos of my breakfast this morning, including the full range of marmalades. Which photo is most appealing to you and why? Answer this question and note which marmalade you’re most excited about and be entered for a chance to win your very own jar!












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Marmalade, glorious marmalade!

Marmalade season is officially over for me. Now available: Rosemary-Infused Meyer Lemon With Sage Honey, Blood Orange-Pomegranate, and Mixed Citrus Cardamom, Saffron, and Rosewater (pomelo, grapefruit, Meyer lemon, blood orange, satsuma). 

What I learned this year:

Rosemary and lemon are heavenly, especially with honey. Especially with sage honey.

Blood orange and pomegranate are delicious together.

Cardamom, Saffron, and Rosewater are transcendent! 

A mandoline sounded like a good idea in theory, but the execution was messy, frustrating, and occasionally bloody. I need a sharper knife.

Satsumas are amazing. Pomelos have a startling amount of pith and are not the best choice for marmalade. 

I’ll make scones or something and get pictures up soon of this year’s marmalades.

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I have blood orange-pomegranate marmalade close to 220 degrees on the stove. Up next: Meyer lemon with rosemary. And then a mixed-citrus effort with pomelo, saffron, and cardamom.

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Breakfast bliss




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Not local…but delicious

I’ve never preserved cherries, primarily because I started preserving while living in Atlanta, which is not exactly the place to grow them. The late-summer sweet cherries kept calling out to me, and I finally bought up enough to make a dozen jars each of Sweet Cherry Preserves and Bittersweet Chocolate and Sweet Cherry Preserves. I’ve debated over whether or not these fit with my other products, and they’re just too delicious not to count as Bits of Bliss. Of course, I may have eaten all the Bittersweet Chocolate and Sweet Cherry Preserves with a spoon before I have a chance to sell any!

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Peaches…and peaches…and peaches

Lilah and I went to Gardner Farms to pick berries and buy peaches from the farmstand (we missed u-pick peaches), and came home with three boxes.  Today’s project: preserving!  I made 20 jars each of agave-sweetened and classic Blackberry Peach, 20 jars of Peach Pecan Amaretto, and on a whim, 20 jars of Peaches With Saffron and Honey.  That used up…only 2/3 of the peach bounty!  The remaining third will include agave-sweetened Peach Pecan Amaretto (I ran out of Amaretto after the sugar batch).  I’m very pleased with the Saffron and Honey creation…perhaps I’ll dream up another combination for my final twenty jars of peach preserves.  Suggestions welcome!

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